Galena, Illinois

Posted on September 3, 2011


Normally each summer I take a week off of work to relax and take a much needed vacation.  Unfortunately, due to changes in my workload and my being ill the previous year, I did not have as much vacation time to play with this year.  I decided on a brief weekend trip to Galena, Illinois.  Being extremely busy up until the day I left for vacation, I only had the deposit on a hotel and a travel guide to go off of. Generally, I plan out my vacations, so leaving the door open for anything left me feeling slightly lost.

Amazingly, even though I had four days off and no plans, I found this vacation to be one of the most relaxing and photographically exciting I have experienced in a long time.  The highlights of my trip were visiting the Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium across the river and taking advantage of the free botanical gardens nearby, wandering around downtown Galena and having (too much) delicious food, getting a private tour of the Linmar Gardens, and finally taking the opportunity to hike
some of the gorgeous bluffs in the area.

I had a wonderful opportunity to use my camera in situations that I had not yet experienced.  For example, I battled with trying to take pictures through thick glass at the aquarium, at dusk in downtown Galena, and in the middle of the afternoon in a partially shaded garden.  Check out my Flickr feed for select photos from my trip and please leave feedback.  If you are not a Flickr member, then leave info below.

I had a wonderful vacation and will be going back to Galena in the near future.  Not only is there a lot to do, but the area is beautiful and the people are extremely friendly.  I have included a list of links of places I visited and recommend if you find yourself en route to Galena or the surrounding areas soon!

Galena, Illinois –
Chestnut Mountain Resort –
Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium –
Linmar Private Gardens –
Market House Restaurant (Gluten Free options!!!) –
Galena Brewery –
Goldmoor Inn (Amazing Food & Scenery) –

Enjoy!  And remember to use this Labor Day Weekend as a great opportunity to exercise your creative side!
% A.L. Kohlmann
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