It’s Fall!… I think?

Posted on October 30, 2011


Hi Again!

Sorry for the long wait between postings, but a busy schedule, a little illness, and a personal photo session delayed my ability to get out there and shoot some good fall photos.  I love fall.  It is by far my favorite season – hands down.  This fall however in the Midwest has been a confusing one.  In early October I headed up to Eagle River for my annual fishing trip, eagerly awaiting a full burst of color.  Unfortunately, the color left a lot to be desired since some trees had peaked already, others had their leaves fall after strong winds, and others had not changed at all.  My attempts at capturing the beauty of that weekend left a lot to be desired.

A couple weeks later I attempted to catch the colors in Starved Rock State Park.  The color had not yet peaked in Chicagoland, but some friends who went through that area said it was starting in the Starved Rock.  I had some luck with that photo session and I have added those photos to my FlickR Feed to the right.  I utilized my fish eye lens for this outing since I wanted some unique photos. While the colors were not at their peak yet, I did get some interesting shots of the leaves beginning to change.

With this fall being so wet, warm, and windy in the Midwest, I have to ask if we even experienced fall.  The temperatures are starting to drop into the 50s now, but next week is November already and the Christmas trees are out on display in stores.  I feel like I was cheated out of my favorite season.  Rest assured, there will always be next year.  For now, please enjoy a sampling of what Starved Rock State Park had to offer and as always, please visit my website, for other photos.

Oh!  Don’t forget, the holidays are coming soon.  I have a large selection of my photography shown on my website and FlickR feed in stock and ready to be shipped – matted or no matted – for any holiday gifts.  Prices available upon request – just fill out the Contact form on my web page.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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