Baby It’s Cold Outside! Photography in the Winter…

Posted on December 11, 2011


Brrrr….. It’s cold outside!

It’s beginning to seem that the Midwest is a having issues with its seasons.  Warm temperatures went well into fall and unfortunately the beautiful color suffered, and then, overnight, it was winter!  While the temperatures have been well below freezing for a while now, my area only recently saw its first snowfall.  After sitting in my apartment, bundled up in front of the space heater, the last thing on my mind was winter photography.  Then, like a little light bulb coming on, it dawned on me – I rarely think about winter photography!

Why is that?

I can explain exactly why.  The thought of going outside in the freezing cold, fumbling with my camera, slipping around on the ice, terrified of dropping all my equipment, was paralyzing – not to mention the potential damage it could do to my camera itself.  I took a few minutes to peruse some more recent years of photography and came across only a few winter photos – mainly ones taken from car windows or 3 seasons rooms where I could remain warm – and honestly, I think this is a shame.  Winter is a beautiful season that deserves the same attention that we seem to give to summer and fall.

With that said, I am making a pledge to attempt to take more photos this winter and do this season its well deserved justice.  Hold me to that – please!

In the mean time, enjoy some old attempts at winter above and to the right.  Then, visit the New York Institute of Photography’s website and read their article about

Digital Photography Tips – Winter Photography

So, with the winter spirit in mind, A.L. Kohlmann Imagery is wishing you all a Happy Holidays and Happy Photographing!
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