Favorite Photo Blogs: Part 1

Posted on February 13, 2012


I love to be inspired and sometimes since being able to go out and take pictures every day is not an option, I have my favorite photo blogs that I follow to keep me in the artistic frame of mind.  I am doing a series on my own blog highlighting my favorite sites across the web.  Here is part one:

Favorite Photo Blogs: Mainstream Sites That Tell A Story
1. CNN’s Photo Blog
CNN’s Photo Blog has had some of the most touching, raw, and emotional work from a mainstream website that I have encountered in a long time.  If you have been following my blog or twitter for some time, you may see me re-tweet or reference them often.  Their photo spreads feature photographers from across the world and touch on sometimes taboo subjects.  Their recent spread by Marvi Lacar about depression was especially profound.
2.  NPR’s Picture Show
NPR’s Picture Show is a new blog find for me.  Again, this blog features artists from around the world who are taking pictures of everything from the continuing crisis in Haiti to the Westminster Dog Show.  There is no topic too minuscule to be showcased in this photo blog.  One of my favorite features about this blog is that there is often an accompanying audio about the spread.  Photography isn’t just about beautiful pictures, it’s about telling a story.
3. National Geographic Photography
National Geographic Photography is not in and of itself a blog, however they change the photos daily and feature important topics both culturally and to our environment.  One of my first experiences with true photography was from my family’s monthly subscription.  To this day, the National Geographic photographers and their work still manage to take my breath away.
So tell me, what are your thoughts on my top three favorite mainstream photo blogs?  Are there others that you think rank up in the top 3?  Let me know.  My next post will feature my top three mainstream newspaper photography blogs. Interested?

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