Favorite Photo Blogs: Part 3

Posted on February 20, 2012


I love to be inspired and sometimes, since being able to go out and take pictures every day is not an option, I have my favorite photo blogs that I follow to keep me in the artistic frame of mind.  I am doing a series on my own blog highlighting my favorite sites across the web.  Here is part three:

Favorite Photo Blogs: Most Unconventional, Interesting, and Unique!
This was a very fun category of blogs to research!  There are so many exciting websites out there today that are highlighting photography, literature, fashion, and art in a creative manner.  Now, the reasons these blogs fall under the “Unconventional, Interesting, and Unique” category is that they are not first and foremost photography blogs like the others I have featured in Parts 1 & 2.  They are their own special creations.  Check them out and see for yourself!

1. You, Me, and Charlie
You, Me, and Charlie is a website created by actress Dianna Agron.  She dubs it as a “playground of sorts” for people throughout the world to highlight their own creativity, be it through art, word, or music.  I find this site exciting and fascinating.  I am always overjoyed by the copious amounts of creativity that the world has and finally found a place to appropriately place it.  My favorite area of this blog (of course) is entitled “Point & Shoot.”  It’s full of beautiful photos and stories from guest contributors, amatuer photographers, and professional photographers from across the web.  This site is whimsical and exciting and may consume hours of your life if you are not careful – but in a good way!

2.  Mr. Kate
Mr. Kate is primarily a fashion, home, and living blog – but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have amazing art.  The website sums itself up best:

“Mr. Kate is a lifestyle brand for generation Y and Z but X and Boomers totally dig it too! with an emphasis on eco-friendly and on-the-cheap, Mr. Kate creator Kate Albrecht guides and inspires people to dress funky with thrift store finds, decorate their places with DIY and flea market projects, cook easy and healthy yummies and be involved and aware of the world around them.”    -Mr. Kate Website

As if this premise wasn’t intriguing enough, the photo diaries, fashion photographs, and little photo trinkets throughout the site are enough to make any person who loves fun, real photography squeal with delight.  The content is exciting, but the photos, at least for me, are the greatest perk.

3. White On Rice Couple
White On Rice Couple is a site dedicated to “stories of food. travel. life. through photography.”  This blog is a beautiful representation of a couple’s passions in life detailed through photography.  It is a almagam of receipes, adventures, travels, and storytelling.  The photography is crisp, profound, and beautiful and most are wonderful as stand alone pieces or simply enhanced by a story.  Not checking out this blog would be disappointing, because it brings so much happiness through words and photos alike.

Well everyone.  Three different categories of blogs featuring photography, nine different amazing websites.  Don’t forget to checkout Part 1 (Mainstream Sites: CNN, NPR, & National Geographic) and Part 2 (Newspapers/Magazines: LA Times, NY Times, and The New Yorker).  All have something wonderful to offer in their own right – be it the news through pictures, stories of the past, or unique and fun intepretations of life.  I’m wrapping up my blog series for now, but no worries – the more blogs I come across with amazing photography, the more I will want to showcase.

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