A Rant, A Reflection, A Hiatus, & A Challenge…

Posted on March 27, 2012


A Rant:

I have a new post in the “Notes From A Frustrated Photographer” tab.  It details my need for constructive criticism and whether or not Facebook has enabled us to not be as diligent in seeking feedback.  I ask that you check it out.  I try to be as respectful as possible on that tab, at the same time trying to bring forward a topic that I am both passionate and frustrated about as I navigate the waters on social media.  The post is “Are We Artists or Enablers?”

A Reflection:

This has been a crazy past couple of months, both personally and professionally.  I struggle with continued health issues – a journey my close family and friends know all too well – and work in a very emotionally demanding profession.  While promoting my passion for fine art photography online has been frustrating, *see above,* it has also been a blessing.  It has given me a new purpose.  Something to work for.  I am thankful for that.  I hope to have some things sorted out soon and be up on Esty.  That is my ultimate goal at this point in my life for my photography/art career.  That and ever improving my technique.  So thank you to all of you that I know personally, as well as those who I have never met, who have been ever supportive and very cool during my new endeavor.  It means so much to me.

A Hiatus:

I hate to do this because I LOVE taking photos, networking online, and honestly, just sitting in front of this computer, but I need to take a required hiatus.  My other profession is complicated.  I don’t get into what I do and I don’t use my first name for certain reasons.  However I will reveal that *part* of what I do is counsel people.  Yes, I am a therapist.  Ha!  That is not my primary job as of right now, however it is what I pursued in graduate school.  After 2 years of intense supervision, countless trainings, and more paperwork and money than I can handle, it’s time for me to take the test for my final certification.  In order to study for this exam I need a couple of months to focus on that and not sit online until midnight.  It sucks, I know, but it’s a necessary step to remain employed and ultimately pursue my other passion: helping people. 🙂  No worries though.  I have some plans to check in once in a while when I just can’t take it anymore.  I have a few things set up in the mean time like a photo shoot in April and one in May.  I have presets and brushes I want to buy and more accessories for my camera to play with.  I’m not disappearing totally, but my presence may be scarce.  (I can’t pass up a good friday night tagging session though, so don’t be surprised if you see me there.)

A Challenge:

Finally, while I will be out of touch for most of April and probably most of May, I am committing myself to a challenge.  Fat Mum Slim is an awesome blog that I came across through some of my friends.  She does monthly photography challenges, as well as blogs about other very cool things.  Most people do them on their smartphones using instagram and then tweet the photo with a hashtag every day.  This poses a problem because I *gasp* don’t have a smart phone and I also can’t see myself having time to do this every day since I leave for work when it’s dark and sometimes return when it’s dark (boo.)  I have taliored it into my own challenge for the month to keep me on my toes.  I will post on the blog at the end of the April the month’s worth of photos.  Feel free though to participate along.  Her blog link is above.  Here’s April:

So until then.  You are all in my thoughts.  Here’s seeing you soon.  Hopefully the next time as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (holla!)

Much Love to you all, A.

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